While the iPhone does have a camera, it's really Instagram that replaced the Polaroid.

The Twitter account World Facts is a pretty boring feed of widely-known facts, trite life advice, and vague allusions to recent studies which may or may not be true. Basically, it's like someone removed the human element of all the most boring people you know online and just posted the stuff they forward on to family members and coworkers in email. This time, however, they accidentally acted as an Internet-wide idiot detector with this completely-opposite-of-fact typo. This should read (I'm pretty sure) 1993 vs 2013, because that's 20 years apart and also because the Apple Newton on left went on sale in 1993.

I really hope I don't need to spell this out, but none of the devices in the top image even could have existed in 1930. The German firm BASF did figure out magnetic tape audio recording during the 1930s, but a.) the Germans didn't really share much technology during the 1930s for obvious reasons (well, maybe not obvious if you believed this image) and b.) there's no way it could have been that small. Edwin Land, the inventor and founder of Polaroid, also began work in the 1930s but the first Instant camera wasn't available to the public until Christmas 1948. Everything else in this photo requires the invention of the microchip (plus a whole lot of other things), which wasn't truly invented until July 1958 by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments.

Sources: World Facts on Twitter