Somebody restrain that pavement! It's out of control! (via Deadspin)

I'm not very familiar with country singer Luke Bryan, but his concerts seem like pretty hard-partying events. This footage was taken at his recent visit to Pittsburgh, or to be more specific, right outside the concert in the parking lot, with a guy who could probably be entered into a list like "the worst people you see at every summer music festival." This footage was amusing enough to make a local news story (at bottom) about the level of underage drinking at the event go somewhat viral, but it wasn't until Benstonium, a Pittsburgh-based comedy team with a history of creating sports and pop culture parodies, turned it into an all-out WWE brawl that it attained perfection.

As anyone who has ever gone toe-to-toe with gravity after losing a battle with their ability to drink responsibly will tell you, this fight description is extremely accurate. Gravity is an incredibly dirty fighter. All you're doing is trying to get up and walk, or even just crawl away, but gravity is right there behind you, swinging a metal folding chair.

In conclusion: Luke Bryan is a popular performing artist and his concerts are f-ing crazy.


Also, don't pick a fight with Pittsburgh pavement. The city may have gentrified, but its parking lots are still tough.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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