The look on the woman in the sweater's face says it all.


Meet Stephen. Stephen is really bad at Wheel of Fortune. Not just "I don't know how to spell" bad, more like "I am an alien in a person suit pretending to understand how human language works" bad. Stephen was given the category "song lyrics." Stephen was given all but FOUR letters in the puzzle. Stephen did not get it right. I bet you can't even guess what he's going to say. I bet no one could have guessed what he would say (warning: vertical video):

Does he think Surf Clay is a Pokémon? It would still be wrong, but maybe?

"Surf Clay Here We Go." You read that right. He not only missed the incredibly-obvious "surf city, here we come" from the  classic "Surf City" by Jan and Dean (written by Brian Wilson), he managed to depart the realm of even-possible answers altogether by changing "come," a word fully spelled out already, with "go"—which is only 2 letters and also the opposite of "come."

Maybe Surf Clay is a guy named Clay he knows who surfs a lot? Can you surf on clay? What are words, anyway? This video raises more questions than answers, but I wouldn't count on Stephen to provide them.

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