We're sure Carl met up with the other impalas later for an outdoor showing of Manhattan.

Nelson Mandela isn't the only one cheating death in South Africa right now (Too soon? Too early?). This impala was caught on tape by safari-goer Samantha Pittendrigh in Kruger National Park. A couple of cheetahs were chasing some impalas that were definitely about to get eaten, when one impala was like "eff this" and jumped into a tourist's car. The people in the car naturally freaked out because they realized there were no longer any rules and the cheetahs could jump in, too, at any goddamn moment and why had Maryann thought it would be fun to go on safari? So they let the impala out again, but by then the cheetahs were honestly kind of pissed to learn this was all just a game for rich tourists, and they were like, "Hell no, we're not eating that impala just to please you. We're having sushi."


(by Shira Danan)

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