ORIGAMI Condoms have redesigned the condom for male pleasure. Finally, male pleasure is being prioritized in the bedroom!

Watch the video below before deciding not to put your d*ck in an accordion. (via ORIGAMI)

Using a condom is the adult and responsible thing to do. Always use a condom.

There, that's out of the way, now let's be honest: condoms suck. You have to use them and it's a blessing that they exist, but they can be very uncomfortable for both parties. Between 20% and 99% of all monogamous relationships are entered into so that the people in them can forego condom use. Well, watching this ORIGAMI Condom demo will make you excited about the prospect of putting a bag on it again:

That definitely got my imagination going. Think what you could do with those extra fractions of a second! It almost seems too good to be true that such a loose fold-out of sexual protection would actually stay on and protect during sex. And it might be: the condom still hasn't been approved for sale, though it has passed testing for its effectiveness against STDs.

Well, if you can't wait, but you're bored of the old latex roll on, here's something fun on the market to shove over your wang.

These are real. (via Gizmodo)


Protection not guaranteed.

Sources: ORIGAMI Condoms | h/t Vagabomb