Because as we all know from watching movies, women over 40 are dry, sexless shells that are only believable as grandmothers or comic relief.

Man, I love Inside Amy Schumer. In this new sketch, Amy stumbles upon a decadent picnic with her female acting heroes as they're celebrating Julia Louis-Dreyfus's last day as a f*ckable woman, at least according to the TV and film industry. Like the show's other best sketches, this video pairs smart writing with funny jokes to point out how awful it is that actresses are considered almost useless once they look too old to star in Disney Channel tween shows, but dudes like Al Pacino can keep getting love interests in movies until they've been pronounced legally dead by a coroner.


Incidentally, I think there's a 50% chance that Pacino is already dead, and he's just getting though life via some Weekend at Bernie's-style con.

Sources: h/t Mashable | Comedy Central