"I just figured it was something we could do sometime." = The best come-on of all time.


Kudos to this guy for laying it all out there and inviting his wife Cynthia's best friend Zoey to come over and have sex with them. Not so much kudos for posting this to his public YouTube account, which had about 300 followers. We love how this guy is trying to act like a three-way would be no big deal, just something they could try if Zoey had some time next week or this week or whenever, tonight, anytime. He sounds like he's leaving a voicemail for the dentist's receptionist to set up his wisdom tooth extraction, rather than flipping out at the possibility that this might actually happen. It's quite possibly the most low-key three-way invitation since the invention of sex with more than one person.

Sources: Gawker | Redditor Gilmour509