Tipping guidelines: 20% for dinner, 20,000% when righting a horrible wrong.

Everyone in the service industry has a handful of crappy stories about terrible tippers, but we're all whiners in comparison to Red Lobster waitress Toni Christina Jenkins. Back in September, Jenkins received the shittiest tip ever. On a $44.53 bill, her customers filled out the credit card slip with "none" on the tip-line, and the word "Nigger" in the total, which I guess is how that equation works out in some kind of ignorant bigot math formula that's taught wherever those customers were home-schooled.

Rather than follow them to their car and do something destructive with a crowbar, Jenkins did the graceful thing and vented on Facebook.

The venting backfired initially, after Red Lobster suspended Jenkins from her job for violating a policy against posting customer receipts online. But it wasn't long before the Internet sprang into action to right a wrong the way it so often does: by sending the story viral and raising gobs of money.

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