That is actually very similar to Ethan Allen's slogan.

5. IKEA or Death Metal? This time when I say "there's really not too much else to say here," I really mean it. This is a fun website game where you guess whether certain words belong to a yuppie-tastic IKEA product or a death metal band, the worst (best) of which are also Scandinavian (and therefore indistinguishable to us as Americans). Too bad IKEA doesn't build churches, or these bands could have a lot of cheap knockoffs to burn without resorting to torching thousand-year-old Viking relics (I mean, surely architecture is exempt from your total hatred for life itself, right guys? No? Ok.). Or IKEA bodies for bandmembers to eat.

4. This guy fried his plasma TV on purpose to achieve a truly mesmerizing fireworks display. I pressed play on this video with complete skepticism that I would actually finish it. I finished it harder than this guy finished off his TV. This brings new meaning to the term "creative destruction." YouTube user Aussie50 (a big fan of spectacularly destroying electronics) uploaded this video of him hooking up his Samsung plasma television to 2000 volts of electricity. They use a different voltage and frequency for electronics in Australia, but the point remains the same: that's way too much electricity. Way too much for something to not be completely awesome that is. I wish I knew exactly what was going on in those melting screens, because it looks like the ultimate to-the-death game of Light Cycles from Tron.

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