Aww, stop. No stop, really, you are torturing us with your cuteness! (via)

If you're wary of blubbering like a royal baby in front of your coworkers, do not read this story at your desk. Michelle Smith is an animal control officer in Anderson, South Carolina. She was responding to a fairly ordinary call about a dog barking in a ravine behind a Home Depot, but when she got there, she found something totally awesome that resulted in these incredibly adorable photos. The dog wasn't really stuck; she was just tending to a tiny, month-old kitten. And she was nursing the kitten back to health, like that scene at the end of The Grapes of Wrath except way, way cuter.


Smith took the inseparable pair to the Anderson County P.A.W.S., an animal shelter, where the dog and kitten slept side-by-side, stared at each other, and just generally dissolved in a fluffy ball of cuddliness at every opportunity.

Fine, you wouldn't stop, and now look at us. (via)

Officialls think the dog experienced a surge of hormones upon seeing the sweet little feline that caused her to start lactating. Her milk wasn't quite sufficient for the kitten, so the shelter workers supplemented with bottles.

We're laughing. We're crying. We're feeling a LOT of feelings. (via)

Here's a video of the happy duo together:

The pair have since been adopted together, and according to the shelter are "doing great!"

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