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Jeremi Lorenti and his friend were driving to the store when they saw a skunk with a cup stuck on its head in the middle of the road and stopped to help. Most people would stop for a kitten or a novelty animal like a llama, but not everyone would stop for a pest as divisive as a skunk. Sidenote: not that cuteness is the only factor that should drive compassion, but you might not realize skunks are actually pretty cute, despite their well-known ability to make you smell like, well, skunk.

In any case, Jeremi and his friend who needs to learn about filming video on his phone flagged down a police car, who told them animal control wasn't available right now and "good luck." (F*ck the police, right?) It was up to Jeremi to save the day, which he did, using a blanket, some skunk wrangling magic, and the courage of a thousand knights in shining armor to reach down and remove the cup.

When asked on reddit if he ended up getting sprayed, Jeremi replied, "No stink whatsoever. I'd like to think the skunk somehow knew I was trying to help it." Aw, cute. It probably had no idea.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Jeremi Lorenti | h/t reddit