You can choose your name and select a look from among six characters.

As a Jane Austen fan who has approximately zero interest in video games (like most Jane Austen fans), I was pretty excited to learn about Ever, Jane. It's a roleplaying game set in the virtual world of Jane Austen, and therefore almost helps me understand why people play roleplaying games. As creator Judy Tyrer puts it, "Instead of destroying dragons, we use gossip to destroy our enemies."


Obviously, everyone reasonable wants the chance to go back to the Regency Era and wear pretty dresses and do some curtsying and tea drinking and making of confessions of love in a garden, right?

You can also select personality traits like status, kindness, duty, happiness, and reputation.

The game lets you gossip about other players, though if you do this too much you can end up being caught and having your own reputation destroyed. "Instead of kill or be killed, it's invite or be invited," says Tyrer. There are balls and dinners to hold and to attend, and invitations received or accepted can help or hurt your status.

The Kickstarter for the game hopes to raise additional funds to expand the game so players can engage in various hobbies, like sewing and embroidery for women or hunting and fishing for men. They're about a quarter of the way to their $100K goal, so get to donating! Where's a member of the landed gentry when you need one?

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