Once you've starred in the best, you'll never go back to the West.

George Kareman is an actor who would like to do more work in America, so he created a reel of his greatest work in Japan. Like all the greatest works of Japanese television, everything is, of course, batshit insane.

To be clear, George Kareman is a very talented comedian from New York (he also wrote the video) and so is everyone in this. A lot of the YouTube commenters were confused as to whether or not this is real, which is a pretty high compliment on the Internet. Unfortunately for them, I know most of the people in this video, like Jesse Lee, Tabitha Lee and Shannon O'Neill. Who are awesome. Directed by Kirk Larsen. So, just to be even clearer: this is comedy. Not real. Comedy.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Long-Haired Businessmen on YouTube