"Nothing for me. I'm stuffed." 

Sometimes you just wanna sit down after a hard day's work, grab a warm cup of tea and talk through your issues with a stuffed hippopotamus. I mean, I'm not alone on this, right? That's a normal thing for people to want to do, isn't it? Don't bother answering. My buddy Moomintroll over here assures me that it's perfectly normal.


Unfortunately for all of us, we don't live in Tokyo, Japan, or else we'd be able to take our meals at the Moomin Café, where civilized people go to eat rice and pancakes across from the table from friendly plush ungulates from the Finnish Moomin picture book series. Because, let's face it, you don't want to be seen eating by yourself. You'd look ridiculous!

Here's some pictures of the greatest restaurant in the world to tide us all over until a chain of them opens here in the States:

"This looks like a normal place to eat." (via

"Of all the cakes, in all the towns, in all the world, this Moomin walks into mine..." (via

"Please excuse me, but I saw you across the cafe and
couldn't help but notice that you were a stuffed animal."

"Waiter, there's a spider across the table from my soup." (via

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