1. A video will surface of Jennifer Lawrence farting in sweatpants while feeding the family of stray kittens that live in her back yard. 

2. At a meet-and-greet with fans, she'll slip and split her pants. Not wanting to disappoint fans, she'll conduct the rest of the meet-and-greet with a table-cloth wrapped around her waist.

3. When Charlie Rose asks her what she hopes to do with her career in the future she'll roll her eyes like, "Jeez I don't know!" Then she'll laugh and accidentally snot rocket onto Charlie Rose's tie.

4. She'll get a cold sore on her upper lip for like a month.

5. Jennifer Lawrence will rescue Ryan Gosling and Corey Booker from a burning car. When Corey Booker passes out on the sidewalk, everyone will assume it must have been from smoke inhalation, until Jennifer Lawrence says with a deep-throated chuckle, "Nope. I farted."

6. A young fan will ask Jennifer Lawrence for her autograph at a premiere. Instead of an autograph, Jennifer Lawrence and the fan will become pen pals, writing letters to each other every month for the next thirty years.

7. She'll get her head stuck in a bannister.