Natasha Hope-Simpson couldn't be too upset at this angry note left on her car.


Loyal readers may notice a similarity between this story and one we reported on a month ago, in which a woman with a prosthetic leg left a polite note on her neighbor's car to ask her to stop parking in a handicapped space, and got an insane note back threatening her and mocking her disability. However, I'm pleased to inform you that this report is much less of a bummer.

Natasha Hope-Simpson is a 25-year-old artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In November of 2013 she was the victim of a hit-and-run accident and lost her left leg below the knee. Since then, she's worked hard to practice walking in her custom 3D-printed prosthetic, to make her walk natural and comfortable. So it must have come as a great compliment when she came back to her car after work one day and found a note reading:

"I have a video of you walking away from your car on numerous occasions, you are not handicapped!! The next time you park here I will forward the video's to police with your license plate number. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!"

That red text means business. The amazing thing is that whoever left this note had time to type it up, print it on a color printer, take incriminating videos of Hope-Simpson, and leave the note on her car, but didn't have time to check the car for a handicapped parking permit, which it has. On her end, Hope-Simpson didn't seem too bothered, telling CBC News, "I'm kind of flattered about that, because I've been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural."

Sources: CBC News | UPI