I am cautiously optimistic for this film, despite the fact that the image before you start the trailer shows Chris Pratt on a motorcycle flanked by velociraptors.

Seriously, Chris Pratt on a motorcycle flanked by velociraptors? Did Universal get a focus group of five-year-old boys and ask them, "Hey guys, what cool stuff do you want to see in a movie about dinosaurs?" and just let the kids start riffing?

Kid 1: "Dinosaurs that are scary and run really fast but you can be friends with them."
Researcher: "OK!"
Kid 2: "And a motorcycle. And the dinosaurs run with the motorcycle because they know motorcycles are cool."
Researcher: "Um, well..."
Kid 3: "I want Spongebob!"
Researcher: "We can't..."
Kid 1: "Me too! Spongebob!"
All Kids: "Spongebob! Spongebob! Spongebob!"
Researcher: "NO SPONGEBOB!!!"
All Kids: (crying noises)


Despite all of that, I'm actually pretty stoked for the film based on this trailer. You can see the previous Jurassic World trailer here, or see Chris Pratt making up lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme music here.

Sources: h/t People