Listen to Kelly Clarkson turn fake gunshots into beautiful music.

Disclaimer: "Bitch Better Have My Money" is a killer track, Rihanna sings it like the perfect badass she is, and it was basically meant for her. However, Kelly Clarkson might have the most incredible set of pipes of our generation, and she can destroy pretty much any song in her path.

This cover proves that Kelly Clarkson may indeed be the one person on this planet that I would pay to hear sing the phone book. Do phone books still exist? Do phones still exist? The last time I used the phone function on my iPhone it was by accident and/or I was drunk.

Anyway, Clarkson's version of the song can't even be compared to the original because it's an entirely new piece of musical artistry, and we should be just be thankful every time she graces us with the sound of her voice. Enjoy.


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