Get that cell phone the f*** out of my face. (via Getty Images)

Clarence Darrow, the famed civil rights lawyer, will now be not only be remembered for defending thrill killers Leopold and Loeb, but also for holding audience members accountable for their cell phones. 

Yesterday someone's phone went off during a pivotal speech in Kevin Spacey's one man portrayal of Clarence Darrow at London's Old Vic Theater. According to The Independent, the offending audience member tried to play like it was someone else's phone, and so just let it ring. Spacey was not having it. 

The Oscar-winning actor reached his limit and, in character, yelled, "If you don't answer that, I will!" 

Lucky for the audience member he wasn't responding in the voice of his House of Cards character, Francis Underwood, or he might have pushed the phone owner into an oncoming train. 

It's surprising that people still keep the ringers on their phones -- isn't vibrate mode enough? -- but it's even more shocking that someone would still keep it on during a theatrical performance. Who does that?

The audience cheered Spacey's improvised line, and then rewarded him with a standing ovation at the end of the show. Hopefully the audience member with the cell phone rewarded him with a standing ovation followed by a leaving the theater in shame ovation. 


(by Myka Fox)

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