Friendly neighborhood Spiderman heroically saves his own ass.

The greatest escape of the Walmart generation. (via WKRG)


Amazing footage of the incredible escape by a suspected shoplifter who employees are now calling Spiderman went viral today after Mobile, Alabama resident Brannan Lynn caught the whole thing on tape.

"He sticks his feet through the ceiling by the entrance door," Lynn told WSFA, "hangs himself on top of the door frame, jumps down and somehow gets away with 30 people standing around's the craziest thing I've ever seen."

According to Lynn, it all began when the suspect dropped his allegedly pilfered items ("a bag with shoes in it, a hat, a watch") while he was struggling with security outside the store. The suspect was led into the store's security room, but he busted out of there, ran into the adjacent in-store McDonald's, and then, astonishingly, jumped up onto a table, pushed a ceiling tile away, and pulled himself up into the duct system.

It is estimated that the suspect ran through 20ft of the duct system before deciding he had gotten to the right spot to kick through the ceiling.

The video cuts out there because Brannan's phone ran out of space, so he had to "immediately grab my dad's phone and continue on there."

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