Artist's representation of what a Hillary Clinton visit might look like.

We all have dreams. Some of us want to acquire a magical Elven Gauntlet of Fortitude. Others of us want to gain enough experience points such that we may take our Half-Orc Mages to the 19th level and gain the power to Speak Fire. And still others of us want to raise former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's $200,000 speaking fee through Kickstarter so that we can get her to speak at our Dungeons & Dragons club.

This video concerns the latter group:

This crowdfunding project is off to a pretty impressive start. They've already raised $214, and it's only been active about a week. That means that all they've got to do is get an additional $199,786 in 22 days to push them over the hump, and then they'll have a presidential hopeful all to themselves for an entire night. That would be almost as cool as somehow combining a Bag of Holding with a Helm of Teleportation!

By the way, if you lost your Saving Throw vs. Recognizing Funny People, the main guy in that video is Jared Logan. He's right on the verge of getting enough experience points to jump up a level from Kind of Famous Comedian to Celebrity Comedian. Here he is casting Spell of Laughter upon Pete Holmes' TV audience recently:


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

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