Woah there! Easy on the caffeinated soda, kid. (via Reddit)

Wanna go out and get wasted? Can't dude, I have a bet with my parents for $1,500 that I wouldn't.

Wanna try a cigarette just once? No dude, I could win $1,500.

Wanna do $1,500 worth of this amazing Columbian white I just picked up? Yeah. Wait, no. $1,500.

Congratulations to redditor Guitrum, whose parents bet him when he was 8 that if he could make it to 21 without drinking, smoking cigarettes, or doing drugs, they would give him $1,500. Yesterday, he fulfilled his end of the bargain and posted a pic of his bet and a table full of Jeffersons to prove it. 

It's easy to assume he just hid his teenage oat-sewing, but something about his sincere eye contact with the camera and wholesome Mtn Dew shirt tells me this is for real. I don't know if I would take $1,500 in trade for my high school debauchery, but now that Guitrum has already done it, he can spend that cash on something way more fun than having fun. Like buying a crystal encrusted vacuum!

Well, it's 1500 euro, but he could save up... (via Billionaire Shop)

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