Leave a couple of six-packs in unmarked paper bags.

A 32-year-old Manchester man told his girlfriend that he had been kidbnapped just so he could hang out at a house party. 

It wasn't a total lie. He had been kidnapped—by good times.

According to Greater Manchester Police, the girlfriend called the man—he was unnamed by police, so lets call him Drunky—at 6:30pm, but even though the sun was barely going down, Drunky already knew he wanted to stay out and party. Whatever Drunky must have thought would happen if he told his girlfriend the truth, he must have imagined it would be worse than if he concocted a terrifying lie.

Drunky's friend answered the phone for him and told the girlfriend that Drunky wouldn't be coming home. He had been... kidnapped. 

The anonymous man on the phone continued to explain that Drunky would not be released until a 50-pound debt Drunky owed had been repaid. Later, she got to speak to Drunky himself and he confirmed the story. He told her that he was being held against his will. 

Despite the obviously petty ransom, Drunky's girlfriend became worried and called the police. That's when the Drunky-hunt began. They analyzed where the mobile calls came from and conducted a house-to-house search. They even arrested one man, who told the Manchester Police "that it was a 'ruse' so that the man could stay out and drink." The arrested man was subsequently released without charge, but the manhunt continued to the house party where they found Drunky at 1:30am and arrested him. 

The Drunky-hunt sucked considerable resources from the police department on a usually busy Friday night, an event Inspector Jo Clawson described as being “without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents I have been involved in."

To avoid wasting more time and money, police allowed Drunky to escape the incident without being charged. Instead, he was punished with a set fine and released. 

Of course, his real punishment will be having to face his girlfriend after a lie like that. Once you've faked your own kidnapping just so you can party without your girlfriend, it's safe to say the romance is gone. 

At least she learned early what a liar he is, unlike this other woman who didn't find out what a wet turd her fiancé was until he faked his own death

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: Greater Manchester Police | Sky News