New North Korean textbooks claim Kim Jong Un drove a car at the tender age of three.

Here is Kim Jong Un looking serious. (via UPI)

The following is a fictional conversation between two parents one-upping each other about their childrens' accomplishments:

"My three year old can drive a car!"
"Oh yeah? My nine year old beat the owner of a yacht company in a yacht race!"

Unfortunately, both of the above statements are presented as childhood facts about current Sexiest Man On Earth, Kim Jong Un, in a new set of North Korean teaching materials. I feel bad for the teachers who have to convince their students of these farcical tales, however they were probably taught similar bonkers facts about Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung when they were kids.

The regime's choices in glorifying the Supreme Leader could have come straight out of The Interview. Activists in South Korea are floating copies of The Interview to their neighbors in the North, so hopefully one day they'll get the reference.


I really wish there was video footage of Kim Jong Un's superior navigation skills, both on land and at sea. How adorable would it be to see a three year old driving a car? Or a cool little nine year old racing a gigantic boat? Hopefully, someone is already working on making these videos.

Sources: UPI