"Each bed will sleep 12 children, uncomfortably." (via)

Like love and money, it appears that trolling is now a language spoken around the world. Even in North Korea.

Notice anything peculiar about the above publicity photo of Kim Jong-un explaining crude crib technology to North Korea's top military leaders? Besides the dear leader's new look, featuring longer hair, parted in the middle like all the cool people in the mid-1970's. Look a little closer. 

"Is this bed available in dictator size?" (via)

It's not that he's smoking a cigarette above a child's bed that is most likely as flammable as a pile of dried leaves. It's what's behind him, humping doggy style in the corner.

It's Horny Husky and Bottom Cat! (via)

I hope whoever the brave soul was who pulled off this beautiful prank is safely out of the country by the time Jong-un hears about the Internet and learns how to Google himself. In a place where you can be sentenced to hard labor for poetry, I'd hate to think what the punishment would be for embarrassing the country's most powerful maniac.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Metro UK