Man, that is going to be one downer of a homecoming message.

According to Sub Pop's Tumblr, the above letter was in their mailbag this week, sent by a college mascot who clearly can't read music blogs through those eye holes.

Maybe the zombie craze in pop culture has convinced this girl that Sub Pop (Not Geffen? guess she's partial to Bleach.) has Kurt Cobain's zombie carcass chained up in a shed somewhere while the logistics get hammered down for the reunion? No matter what, it's always exciting that a millennial even knows what Nirvana is, and expecting her to know that the lead singer was murdered by his wife committed suicide is kind of a give-an-inch-take-a-mile situation.

What's the more egregious act of ignorance here? Not knowing Kurt Cobain is dead, or expecting Kurt Cobain to be excited about being in the company of "three famous NFL players?"

Sub Pop claims that they've obliged the Hokie and will be releasing a video shortly. We await it with bated breath, and hope the message to the kids is, "Remember, when life gets tough, there's always a way out."


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Sub Pop on Tumblr | Gawker