If these kids are our future, then YOGEO! You Only Go Extinct Once!

We could probably write something mildly funny here but to be honest that seems like a ton of work — especially when you're probably not even going to read it. Anyway, here are some pictures of people to make you feel better about your own shiftlessness.


I can't finish this status. Can someone text me "Funny" or "Not Funny"?

If we're not careful, the Chinese may surpass us in unbelievable sloth.

Wow. It's one thing to be lazy, but to have to aspire to laziness? That's lazy.

The better pet petter. When your pets need petting, pick up a Pet Petter-brand pet petter.


 "How can I get an attractive woman? I'll pay one! To get other ones!"

This is what I use to get pumped for not going to the gym.

Updated 3/04/13:

"In the meadow we can build a snowmound."

But which is the original and which is the duplicate?!


An answer to the question of what to do with your old bulky TV.


You have to train your dog to retrieve the arrows for this to work.

Plus, the back of that tricycle is now well-dusted.


This is actually a great way to keep all your snacks in one place.


Updated 9/7/12:

Makes sense if the "emergency" is a sudden inability to move your legs.

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