The Lego blue screen of death. (via imgur)

To all you office dwellers who have been thinking of pulling off the ultimate cubicle prank on a co-worker while they are away: you can try to replicate their items with Legos, but you will never get closer than this group did. 

According to her post on reddit, jrazzz12 left for a week's vacation to Alaska, and by the time she returned to her office, well, Legos. 

The computer?

Legoed!  (via imgur)


Legoed! (via imgur)

Her jar of peanut butter?

Eh, close enough.... Legoed! (via imgur)

SammyJo42 was one of the masterminds behind the stunt, saying it took forever to pull off, "I'm sad to say that the time spent creating this all came from coming in early, staying late, and on our lunch hours. Worth every minute when she came back and said Hello into the phone. Ma ha ha ha ha." 

I'm pretty sure that's not how phones work, even when they aren't made of Legos.

Why they chose to hit her with this plastic brick prank, they didn't say, but I guess if you are going to be stuck in a cube all day, everything in it might as well be made out of cubes, too. 


(by Myka Fox)

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