It's all been leading up to this, and by "this," I mean "nothing remotely conclusive whatsoever." I gave up hope of there being any determination of guilt or innocence a couple episodes ago, when a Best Buy shoplifter's 15-year-old recollection that she doesn't remember seeing any payphones in the parking lot was presented as a smoking gun. I've shoplifted from stores in my youth, and for a period I shoplifted from the same store repeatedly. I have no idea whether that store had a payphone out front because I couldn't have given a crap! I was trying to run away with CDs in my jacket. I never thought to stop and make some phone calls.

With the likelihood that we're not going to get anything solid regarding the killer's identity, this Funny or Die prediction of what will happen in tomorrow's finale episode is probably on target. Just remember, it was fun playing detective for a while.