Pitcairn Island, often considered the world's smallest country, just legalized gay marriage.

A strange, mystical land of tolerance. (via Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum)

The population of Pitcairn Island is about to surge 90000%. The island, a British Overseas Territory in the Pacific, recently approved a law legalizing gay marriage, despite the fact none of its 48 residents are gay. Pitcairn's local governing council, which gathers around a tree stump every full moon, unanimously approved the law over a month ago at the recommendation of the British government. We're only hearing about it now because they were experiencing "technical difficulties" with their website; they probably only have one modem and dealing with Time Warner is hell when you live on an ocean-surrounded landmass.


The island's population is mostly made up of descendants of British mutineers and their Tahitian companions. So yes, an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean that was settled by pirates is more welcoming to gay people than America.

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