- It's time we all accepted the Gay Pride Parade isn't much gayer than any other parade

It's time for the Gay Pride Parade! Break out those assless chaps and feather boas and prepare for an undignified and orgiastic celebration of human dignity! To get you ready we've got a list of our funniest Gay Pride Parade cards for you to get loud and proud about on Facebook and Twitter. Or make your own using some of our NEW user card art in our user card section. - I oppose the Gay Pride Parade because it reminds me all the hot guys I want to sleep with are gay - Saying you'd make a hideous drag queen was intended to be a compliment - Let's break down gay stereotypes by wearing rainbow thongs and feather headdresses on glitter-covered floats - Let's celebrate our sexual orientation by making it impossible for people to cross town this weekend. - Sorry the Gay Pride Parade has become more about serious issues and less about giant inflatable penises - Here's to the Supreme Court on somehow finding a way to make the Gay Pride Parade even more festive. - Let's give thanks there isn't a parade where straight guys feel comfortable enough to take off their shirts and dance. - Sorry your homosexuality isn't edgy anymore. - The Gay Pride Parade is a startling reminder of how many people I've slept with at the Gay Pride Parade - I did shameful things at the Gay Pride Parade - Marching in the Gay Pride Parade is less exciting now that my parents support my sexual orientation - I'm impressed you found something even gayer than the Gay Pride Parade to do this weekend - Even at the Gay Pride Parade you're going to seem relatively gay - When we bump into each other at the Gay Pride Parade, remember to look surprised

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