This photo is from the godless times of 2013, when idiots took "love thy neighbor" literally.

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The First United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Indiana will shut its doors for good on Dec. 31st, after the congregation left en masse this year following the new minister's decision back in January to force the church's choir director, who was gay, to resign.


David Mantor, the recently-appointed pastor whose brief tenure destroyed the flock he was sent to shepherd, insists that the church is closing because of the larger, national decline in church attendance which has been going on for 30 years or more. "This is a problem that's going on everywhere, and that's why we're closing," said the pastor, apparently unaware that lying is a sin, denying flatly that the closure was related to Adam Fraley, the man who attended First United with his partner for six years, and whom the congregation had hired to be the church's choir director.

Some former congregants, from when there were enough people for a Facebook group.
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Indeed, when the congregants hired pastor Mantor, they claim it was with the stipulation that he not interfere with the well-liked Fraley, a promise church members say the minister backed out on once he was in charge. The United Methodist Church is still trying to decide exactly how it feels about the gays. They are officially allowed to participate in mass, but prohibited from being pastors (if they're "practicing" homosexuals) or other church officials. However, a lay position like choir director is supposed to be left to the judgment of the congregation and church leaders.

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