Landlords suck sometimes, but there are bad landlords and then there are straight up crazy AF landlords. British couple Olly McLellan and Scott Cole were not only forced from their home because of their landlord's homophobic harassment, but he then tracked them down to continue the harassment at their new home! Yeah, Olly and Scott officially win the award for having the Worst Landlord of the Year.

These guys officially are the victims of the worst landlord EVER.

The couple told METRO UK that they weren't sure how the landlord found out they are gay, but once he did, he started to block their driveway, shouted homophobic slurs, and refused to make necessary repairs on their unit.

"I’m not sure if the estate agents told him before we moved in that we were gay, they thought two guys were moving into a two-bed house. But it’s got nothing to do with him whether we’re just friends or in a relationship so long as we pay the rent on time."

EXACTLY! They contacted the authorities, but the police said it was a civil matter and that they couldn't intervene. (Seriously, United Kingdom? How 'bout passing some anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT people? Oh wait, the United States doesn't have any on the federal level either. Nevermind.) So, they moved out. Shortly after moving into their new home, they got this from their shi**y past landlord...