This commercial won four Cannes Lions and also my sobs.

There are so many things about this that should be so treacly sweet your teeth fall out watching it, but it just works. First of all, the song they use is "Same Love," which I've always hated. Comedian Joe Mande gave a pretty funny interview at The AV Club about why it is terrible, which always makes me laugh:

Another problematic part of the song is that, for being this anthem, he spends the first third of the song reiterating how straight he is. Like when he was a kid, he was worried that he was gay because he liked to draw, which isn't even a stereotype. If a kid uses crayons, you better watch out, M.C. Escher. That's not a thing. “And then my mom told me that I loved getting pussy in pre-K," or whatever, but he has to keep stressing how straight he is.

Yes! I hate this song. But they cut out all the Ryan Lewis parts, so that helps.

Then, though the message that we're all the same underneath is beautiful, watching skeletons goofily dance is pretty corny. I kind of got it after the first round and was like, huh, this video is two and half minutes long? Then these two cuties come out:

Love them!


My niece has Down syndrome and she's very loved. I can't tell you how frustrating it is that people still think it's cool to casually use the word "retarded" when describing their fish sandwich or something. Anyway, this is when they finally broke through the shiny veneer of cynicism in which I have encased my heart. What did it do for you?

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