This giant letter to Kim Davis might be the nicest thing said to Kim Davis by her opponents.


The billboard pictured above, which says "DEAR KIM DAVIS, the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we've already REDEFINED MARRIAGE," was paid for by Planting Peace. It's a high-road response to blatant bigotry. It's definitely much kinder than what many people want to say to Kim Davis, which is mostly just a string of expletives ending with a frustrated sigh.

If Kim Davis sees this billboard, she'll probably think it means she's being forced to issue marriage licenses to goats and cows. And we all know that goats and cows can't marry each other! There would be way too many guests at the wedding, and they'd all be on the goat's side and it would cause a lot of tension during the ceremony. Also, the travel for the cows would be so expensive, plus they still have to give a gift!

Animal weddings aside, the message was clear and concise, even though I think the font could've been a little bigger. The organization released a statement along with the billboard posted in Kim's hometown:

Sources: h/t Mashable