On Saturday, a group of racist Spaniards called Hogar Social Madrid marched through downtown Madrid to protest Spain's welcoming of refugees.


The far-right group went as far as doing the Nazi salute, and to protest the protest, two brave guys made out in the center of it all. 

"What a great picture," it says.  

One of the men, 23-year-old David Fernández, told BuzzFeed News that he and his date, Gregor Eister, were simply looking for a place to grab drinks when they stumbled upon the protest.

“We stood in the corner of the square and watched. Then they stared yelling things at us like ‘f**got,’" he said, "So I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most.”

A video shows that the guys were broken up by the police. 

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed