This image should be titled "The Triumph Of Tolerance." How far have we come that a gay man is comfortable enough not only to ride the subway carrying a penis thermos while wearing pride beads and rainbow Nikes, but to fall asleep without fear of harassment from anti-gay, anti-penis thermos agents of hate? How far have we come that a black man is so unconcerned with the bigotry of others that he can freely choose to carry a white penis thermos, broadcasting to anyone who happens to be sharing his subway car that he is in an interracial man-and-penis thermos relationship and it shouldn't be the business of anyone but him and his beverage? The civil rights pioneers of yesterday fought expressly for the right of this guy to peacefully sleep through his subway stop and wake up in Coney Island, penis thermos firmly in hand.

Sources: Redditor RamboLucien