She learned her lesson about abusive and obnoxious teachers. (Thinkstock)

Just in case you were feeling nostalgic for your days of carefree teenagerdom, here's a reminder that high school sucked. 

A 15-year-old student (not pictured above) was humiliated when a teacher decided to show an assembly of 100 of her classmates a photo of the girl in a bikini. The photo, which the seriously misguided teacher pulled from Facebook, was blown up and included in a slideshow and was meant to illustrate the dangers of putting private information online.

Instead of quietly learning her lesson, the teen ended up "really upset and hurt," her irate mother told the Daily Mail. While photos of other students were cropped so you could only see their faces, "for some reason they thought it was OK to use a photo of my daughter in her bikini." The girl, whose name has not been released is "not the type of girl who likes attention like this" and the incident "has knocked her confidence." 

The girl's mother has officially complained to the head teacher at Eggbuckland Community College. (Yes, we know that sounds fake, but in England, it's normal for secondary schools to have names that sound like sandwich-themed amusement parks.) She's also complained to the board of governors and Ofsted, an education watchdog group. The school released an official statement apologizing for the teacher's "error of judgement" in delivering "this important message," and they say they'll investigate further.

Sources: Daily Mail | h/t Gawker