Reckless eating. 

When Kalamazoo, MI Officer Jason Gates hit his siren after spotting a woman run a red light, he probably thought he was in for a routine traffic stop. A little begging, a little swearing, typical on-the-job police work. Instead, he found the woman choking on a hot dog, and he ended up becoming her hero.

"I just feel like I did what I'm paid to do," Gates said at a press conference following the incident. I'm glad for her that I happened to be there." 

Not only did Gates save her life, but he saved her some points on her license by letting her off with a warning. According to MLive, Gates said he didn't intend to give her anything more than a warning when he approached the car. But perhaps in that tearful hug they shared, he felt the sudden power of a life-giver, and he knew attaching $300 citation would do their bond a disservice. Or, his ticket pad was covered in chewed frankfurter.

There are a whole lot of ways to try and get out of a traffic ticket: politeness to the officer, excessive cleavage, pretending that you're a high level intelligence agent on your way to save the world from an extinction-level event. Of all of them, this one might be the most dangerous, even if this video might categorize it among the most effective. 


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: MLive Ann Arbor