When news breaks, horses dance.

At this point it's clear that horse head video bombing is becoming an actual thing. Everyone remembers the loon trotting around in the rain during live coverage of Hurricane Sandy. Who didn't love the casual stallion who strolled through a live snowstorm broadcast in Baltimore? Surprise horse heads have become so popular that even squirrels are getting in on the fun

All that said, it's still hard to imagine the following converstion taking place in the moments after a house fire had just been put out by firefighters in Tampa, Florida:

HUSBAND: Did you hear about the fire at Ron and Dottie's place?

WIFE: Yeah, it's a real shame. But at least they got out alive with the dogs.

HUSBAND: I was thinking about stopping by later with a case of beer.

WIFE: I've got a better idea - how about I wait for the news van to show up, then dance behind the reporter wearing a tutu and a unicorn head?

HUSBAND: Good call. I'm sure Ron and Dottie will appreciate that.

Nice job by the reporter for keeping his cool. This video should be used to teach future TV news people how to handle themselves when confronted by a dancing nutjob wearing a horse head. Because when tragedy strikes, odds are good there will be dancing horse heads.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Fark