This has to be the modern address of Hansel and Gretel's cannibalistic witch. (via Imgur)

Redditor jamdav19 posted this terrifying address his dad found on a piece of mail today.


This can't be a real address, can it? I mean, somebody actually typed that out. Somebody put a postage stamp on it. Somebody decided this was a fine way to describe a place of residence when it is actually more of a fine way to describe the last place a postman is seen alive. 

Our best clue in the mystery is the "LIVING" part. This is not just some random location "IN WOODS." No! Something exists! Maybe not a house, but whatever is there at the very least evolved from the primordial ooze (allegedly) and claimed a spot in the woods, behind a WALMART, as their own. 

Naturally, other redditors were all over it, Rap3DBac0N was quick on the spot and actually found the location