This has to be the modern address of Hansel and Gretel's cannibalistic witch. (via Imgur)

Redditor jamdav19 posted this terrifying address his dad found on a piece of mail today.


This can't be a real address, can it? I mean, somebody actually typed that out. Somebody put a postage stamp on it. Somebody decided this was a fine way to describe a place of residence when it is actually more of a fine way to describe the last place a postman is seen alive. 

Our best clue in the mystery is the "LIVING" part. This is not just some random location "IN WOODS." No! Something exists! Maybe not a house, but whatever is there at the very least evolved from the primordial ooze (allegedly) and claimed a spot in the woods, behind a WALMART, as their own. 

Naturally, other redditors were all over it, Rap3DBac0N was quick on the spot and actually found the location

Thar she is, that tiny clearing behind the megastore.

That's it. That's where our unnamed beast is living. 

Great job, reddit. Your next task is to find Matt Foley's van down by the river

(by Myka Fox)