Wait a minute. Does this mean all those people in porn have been robbing me? 
(Screencap via WKRN-TV)

It's hard to write about this story wthout being overcome with longing for that pool. Here goes.

Steven Amaral, a Tenessee pool (and home) owner was asked by his neighbors if they could swim in the sweet, refreshing waters contained within his below-ground pool (it's probably chilled to just that perfect temp, like 62 degrees, just enough to battle the oppressive heat without being too cold to stay in). Amaral obliged.

After the woman entered the invigorating, sky-blue-on-a-perfect-day water, her husband left to get a pack of cigarettes. That's when the woman asked if it was okay if she swam (in that water. Oh God, that fucking cool water!) nude. Amaral obliged.

While Amaral enjoyed the sight of a naked woman splashing about in his pool, the woman's husband was apparently inside his house and robbing him blind. When the woman finally dried off and disappeared into the oppressive heat of summer, Amaral discovered that the couple had robbed him of approximately $2000 in belongings.

Sorry, but he should have been more suspicious. Not by the fact that a woman wanted to swim around naked right in front of him, because in this Godawful heat, any stitch of clothing that comes between you and cold water has got to go. He should have been suspicious when her husband chose not to jump in. Look at that pool!


(By Bob Powers)

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