by Dan Abromowitz

Grammy-winning hip-hopper Macklemore has roundly denied accusations that a costume he wore during a recent show in Seattle was meant to portray him as a Jewish stereotype, insisting on Twitter that it was a "random costume." However, it seems unlikely that such a high profile star would have worn a costume so easily misconstrued if he didn't have something particular in mind. Here are some guesses at what he might have been going for:

Bohemian Gargamel.

A haggard Macklemore from a hellscape alternate future.

Ringo Starr, the thriftiest Beatle.

Belated "For Your Consideration" stunt for American Hustle.

Elaborate cover-up to distract the public while his team tracks down his stolen nose.

A disguise, for Macklemore wished to see whether the people would know him truly through his music and uniquely positive hip-hop messaging alone.

Took a pratfall into a magician's trunk.

He's undercover ever since he pulled off The Heist WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM MACKLEMORE JOKES.

Williamsburg Bridge troll.

"It's kind of an LBGTQA and allies thing. You wouldn't understand."

Fitfully trying to get himself declared "the next Matisyahu."

A savage blow to the head left him with facial dysphoria and this is how he sees himself.