Forget ads that kind of look like suicide, it's time for plain old murder.

If there was any way to make Don Draper more self-centered, materialistic and blithely grandiose, it would be to put him in the decade that named itself "Me." @80sDonDraper will actually make you laugh out loud, because it really nails it, and makes you realize how lucky we are that Don still lives in a time when a little restraint is appreciated. In the 80s, Don would be yelling at copywriters that they don't understand the real meaning of bikinis and explosions. Come see this horrifying world below:

He's not B. A. Baracus, he's B. THE Baracus.

It's not called "Sharing, Sharing Hippos" you commie.

"Because maybe their friends dont dance. And if they don't, well, whose friends are they?"

Someone probably actually said this once. It's been downhill from then.


And when you combine him with the NES... that's what family really means.



Everyone knows Gargamel. Do you even remember the Snorks villain? No one does.

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