Black people. Fat people. Latinas. Why everything is ruined if they own homes, page 62.


Normally the worst part about prejudice is how well it hides itself. When a generic white person is hired over a generic black person, it's impossible to say if it was racism; you need to prove a pattern. Not here. Here, the racism is a brightly drawn charicature that commands you to agree with it. Wow, the housing market must be about to fail again because someone besides a Caucasian in business attire is putting money down on a home! Even beyond the thesis, what's up with the greedy grabbing of fistfulls of cash? Are you saying a white man, put in a situation where a house was literally bubbling over with cash coming from nowhere would not be going nuts and scooping up as much as possible? No one looks like they're not greedy in a money-printing house.