Zayn Malik quit One Direction, and Harry Styles cried about it.

We live in a post-Zayn world now. Things are forever changed and we don't know what the future holds. There's a natural period of grief. Some people prefer to keep it private, some want to shout their rage and sorrow to the universe, and a very small number are the remaining members of One Direction who still had to do a show in Jakarta last night.

Harry Styles might be crying over a loss that goes oceans deep. Harry Styles might have sweat dripping down his face. Maybe it's allergies. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE HIM. But we can speculate:

Maybe. Or maybe Louis has an imaginary friend the band is going to ludicrous lengths to disguise!

Yes. So. Sad.

Anyway, even though the Internet is insane and people care about Zayn taking a prolonged staycation more than endless war, slavery-supported globalization or the upcoming election, the feelings behind it are real and universal. People love. People change. People say goodbye.



Sources: Buzzfeed