A new mom was sending updates to friends about her baby girl Addy and they decided to respond with this.

This is why people don't use the mail anymore. (via Sunrise)

A woman got this note from some "friends" who were "concerned" about her recent barrage of baby updates on Facebook. The new mom then passed it on to comedian Em Rusciano, who has shared it with the world.

It's hard to be sure that this is a real letter, written by real monsters. Rusciano says it was anonymous, so did they slip it under her door? ANYWAY. Assuming this is real, what the hell?!

That multiple women could be annoyed by constant photo and status updates about a baby is believable. That they came together and blew off some steam bitching about it would be completely understandable. But to take this final, stupid step of writing those feelings down and delivering them to the subject of their grievances is insane.

It's called, "Unfollow." Learn it, live it, love it.

Some moderate responses to this letter. (via Em Rusciano)


We've all unfollowed people for all sorts of reasons. Babies, exes, constant brunch photos, vague-booking. IRL it's good to talk openly and honestly about your feelings. If someone was constantly standing up and shouting, "I have a baby!" in the same room with you, telling them to pipe down is reasonable. On Facebook we should let people manage their social media presence, while we manage our newsfeed.

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