Just trying to get that runner's high. (Via Getty Images)

In a brilliant (and drug-fueled) escape, a man running from police attempted to Where's Waldo the cops by hiding himself amongst thousands of other runners in the Chicago Marathon.

Brian Duffy, a Chicago real estate agent, was allegedly digging around some flower pots along the marathon route when he noticed police coming towards him. It was at that moment he realized he had two options: give himself up, or go full on The Fugitive

Duffy decided that it would be easier to run a marathon than face authority, so he folded in with the competing runners near the start of the marathon route and quickly took off his jacket to blend in.

It was a true feat of derring-do, but without a giant dam to jump off and escape into oblivion, officers managed to catch up with him and tackle him to the ground. On him they found a bunch of MDMA pills (street name Molly) and arrested Duffy with charges of possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and reckless conduct for putting marathon runners in danger.

It was a short-lived moment of fugitivity, but maybe, with the aid of his illegal substances, it felt like this:

(by Myka Fox)