Who doesn't have a soft spot for artists who are really kind to their fans?

I guess this is what a nice guy looks like. (via Getty Images)


I used to have a huge crush on Adam Levine until some time around 2007, when I read that he purchased a $7,000 dog-carrying case made out of alligator skin. The idea of him scalping one animal to carry another sickened me (and even if it wasn't made of an alligator, spending that much money on a dog bag is pretty lame), but now I can't find any evidence on the Internet that supports this memory, and instead I've found this touching story of him being really kind to a child.

10-year-old Chris from Washington D.C. is a special needs fourth grader with Down's Syndrome who claims he is Adam Levine's number one fan. His obsession with the band has even created a positive way for his teachers to help him learn: when Chris completes his schoolwork, he is rewarded by being allowed to listen to his favorite Maroon 5 songs.

"Adam Levine, I'm your #1 Fan."

Hoping to get Chris an opportunity to meet the band, his teacher helped Chris make a video professing his adoration, and they sent it to "The Kane Show" on local radio station Hot 99.5

The station came through in a big way, hooking him up with tickets to a Maroon 5 concert, and even arranged for "Intern John" to take Chris and his mom to go backstage and meet the band.

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