This dude interrupts one of the holiest traditions of a wedding: catching the bouquet.

Yowza. I mean, it's funny, of course. It could really have gone either way, you know?

The couple, Angie Schu and Daniel Bickerdike, were at Angie's cousin's wedding when this crisis came up. Angie was actually just practicing her bouquet catching skills for the main event and I guess Daniel was too! Apparently, it's a running joke in their relationship to tease each other about marriage. Angie is five years older than Daniel and, because we live in a society that reduces women's value to their age, Angie was shy about admitting she was even into Daniel at first. A lot of her friends have also gotten married before her and now her cousin. Things can get awkward.

That's the expression of someone realizing they don't WANT to catch the bouquet. (screenshot via Daily Mail)


They laughed about it when they saw the footage, but this is one of those moments that will either be a very funny story at their wedding or a really sad one at their break-up.

Sources: Daily Mail | h/t Jezebel